Aluminum vs wood windows

Some of you might find themselves in a difficult situation of having to choose between aluminum or wood windows. Yes, we know it is a tough decision and this is why in the following lines we are going to make a brief comparison between these two windows types and let you decide which would be better for your application.

In terms of aspect it is pretty obvious for everybody that wood windows will always look better than aluminum windows, especially if we are talking about a house with a more classic design. If you are thinking about an office building or a commercial space, aluminum might be the better choice because it is easier to paint and therefore the windows will be easy customizable.

And besides from looking better, wood windows will also be more energy efficient compared to aluminum windows. When it comes to noise, they simply cannot beat aluminum and this should definitely be taken in to consideration by the ones having a house in a crowded area where there is a lot of traffic and noise.

Everybody knows that wood windows are expensive and this is a huge disadvantage for them in the battle with aluminum windows that are cheap and can be easily replaced in case something goes wrong with one of them. Another huge advantage aluminum windows have over wood windows is the fact that maintenance operations are much easier and they will keep their original aspect better over time without interventions.