Aluminum vs vinyl windows

Are you looking to replace your old windows with new and more efficient ones? Well, then you have probably been put in front of a tough decision between aluminum and vinyl windows. But don’t worry, we are here to help and in the following lines we are going to put these two windows types head to head and compare both their advantages and disadvantages in order to make it easier for you to choose.

When it comes to the aspect there is a general belief that vinyl windows are a better choice compared to aluminum ones, but we think that it depends pretty much on every situation. Of course a home will look better with vinyl windows, but aluminum windows would probably be a more suitable choice for an office building.

In terms of energy efficiency vinyl windows have been proved to be better than aluminum ones, but the situation completely changes when it comes to noise protection. In addition to this, maintenance is easier in the case of aluminum windows and besides, there are multiple customization options than in the case of vinyl windows.

It is time to also put these types of windows head to head in terms of financial efficiency. Everybody knows that aluminum windows are cheaper than vinyl windows and this makes them a much better choice especially for the buildings that require a huge investment for replacing windows. Plus, aluminum windows are easier to replace and this should be definitely taken it to consideration.